Nature and water provide me with limitless inspiration.  I dress almost exclusively in black.  I daydream constantly.  My son is named Auden after the poet W. H. Auden.  I have had a love affair with art and creating for as long as I can remember.  I have been taking photos since I was a little kid with a crappy plastic camera, took some photography classes in college, and photographed my first wedding in 2008.  I listen to Led Zeppelin, The Black Keys, and Lana Del Rey CDs all the time and have never purchased a single MP3 in my entire life.  At one point I was an English major, but sometimes in my emails I use an excessive amount of exclamation marks and refuse to use any form of capitalization.  My favorite word is “lovely”.  I hate pickles.



Photographs preserve your memories.  I’m a firm believer of getting photos off of your electronics - print them out, put them on the wall, give them to your friends and family!  Your photos are a beacon when you lose yourself and need to find your way back to what is most important in your life.  I think that you should look happy, relaxed, and natural in your photographs - which is way more likely to happen if I truly get to know you before we work together.  After all is said and done I want you to feel free to call me up to meet for lunch or to hang out, grab a coffee, and do one of the craft projects that are floating around on Pinterest.  Most of my close friends I met through photography and I would love to add you to that list.



I’m delighted to have had my photography featured in the following publications and blogs: The Knot, bridebook, Free People, Engaged & Inspired, Glamour & Grace, Blacksburg Belle, Capitol Romance, The Lovely Find, Cool Girls Shoot Film, and SWVA Artists Blog.

I have also had the opportunity to exhibit personal projects in gallery shows at the following locations: Burnt Creative Boutique, Floyd Tattoo & Arts Gallery, The Photocopy Club, Main Street Inn Gallery, Community Arts Information Office, The Artful Lawyer, and Green Heron Art Center.