Prom Queen

Puck frolicked around in the warm golden rays of the afternoon sun.  He admired the shimmer of the iridescent sequins on structured bodice on his vintage 1950s prom dress; spinning round and round ensuring the tulle would move fluidly as he danced the night away with his fellow attendants.  He straightened his crown of ivy and applied more rouge to his lips.  The sweet, creamy fragrance of Magnolia trees breezed around him raising goosebumps across his skin.  The time had come and his prom night chariot awaits.  

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Boris + Crystal's Virginia Tech Engagement Photos | Blacksburg, Virginia Wedding Photographer

Boris and Crystal are Virginia Tech alumnus.  Crystal thought they were returning to Blacksburg for a regular visit, but little did she know that he would ask her to be his wife.  Boris was such a good planner, he contacted me to set up an engagement shoot for the same weekend and got some recommendations for where she could get a manicure beforehand – super romantic!  I loved working with Boris and Crystal, they were so sweet and so in love.  The couple was photographed at several iconic Virginia Tech locations, the Hahn Horticulture Garden, The Virginia Tech Duck Pond, the Pylons, and Burruss Hall to commemorate their alma mater.

Abbey | Christiansburg Baby Photographer

It was so nice to finally meet baby Abbey over the weekend.  So hard to believe she is already 6 weeks old, it feels like we just took maternity photos at the Virginia Tech Duck Pond!  I love doing intimate, relaxed lifestyle newborn sessions in-home and seeing all the hard work that parents have put into the nursery.  Jenna and Jay did such an amazing job decorating Abbey's room that I'm pretty sure that I need to hire them to give my son's room a face-lift.

Wrightsville Beach Mermaids | Celestial Surf Studio + Spikey Peach Designs

While I was in Wilmington, North Carolina last summer, I did a mermaid inspired photo shoot at Wrightsville Beach with some ceramic artwork from Celestial Surf Studio and Handmade Costume Mermaid Bras by Spikey Peach Designs.  This gorgeous group of women was kind enough to splash around in the ocean with me.

Stephanie + Justin's Wrightsville Beach Photos

Wilmington + Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina Coastal Couples Photography

I love when photography provides me with the opportunity to travel!  This was my first trip to Wilmington, North Carolina and it totally knocked my socks off.  The town was gorgeous and close to the beach, and as an added bonus the scorching heat and humidity resulted in me losing 10 pounds.  It was amazing getting to see Stephanie and Justin while I was in town and taking some photos at Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina.  They are so sweet and so kind and absolutely hilarious – plus what a super cute couple.  Stephanie is an incredibly talented ceramicist, make sure you check out her website for Celestial Surf Studio and Instagram account [especially if you are addicted to watching time-lapse behind the scenes artists working videos like me]!  Check back soon because while I was in town, we took some photos for her business as well.