Mermaidens - Gallery Show

Friday night the weather was horrible, but the show went on... the opening reception for my gallery show Mermaidens that is!  I've been working on this series for the past 6 months so it was so nice to finally be able to show them off!  Above is a preview of some of the pieces that are on display at The Green Heron Arts Center in Radford, Virginia through mid-March (March 18).  My wonderful, talented friend Lauri owns the shop and obviously knows that I am terrible at writing artist statements because she wrote this bit of perfection about this series that I couldn't have possibly even come close to writing myself so I'm going to share her words instead of trying:

Capturing an intimate look into a woman’s body and spirit while opening a window into a fantasy world filled with water dwelling creatures and mythical mermaids. Cromer offers an unconventional take on portraiture; placing her dreamlike Mermaidens against contrasting hard edges and manmade structures and encompassing them in soft waters and natural surroundings.

Here's the map to Green Heron, go check them out for yourself...  The whole shop is filled with amazing handmade, local creations (art, jewelry, clothing, candles, you name it!)


I had so much fun shooting this series that I've decided when warmer months roll around I'm going to start offering Mermaiden sessions as an option for client sessions...  Ladies please let me know ASAP if you are interested in becoming a Mermaiden, the spaces will be limited!