Laura's Maternity

Laura is the most radiant mother-to-be, glowing and gorgeous!  I bought this vintage peignoir set on eBay ages ago and have had it stowed away for the perfect occasion and I’m so glad that she was willing to indulge all of the strange requests I had for her to try out for her maternity photos.  She was also down for pouring all of the milk she had in her house into the tub for a milk bath and let me rip her bouquet of roses to pieces so we could have some beautiful rose petals floating around, thankfully I think the risk was worth the reward.  While Ryan wasn’t planning on being incorporated in the photo session, we had to pull him in for a few shots really quick since we were walking through the very spot in this field where he had proposed to Laura.  Come back and check my blog soon for some really precious newborn photos, I promise they won’t disappoint – you can check out the preview on my Facebook page to hold you over!