Wedding Planning: 7 Reasons You Should Have a "First Look" (and 3 Reasons You Shouldn't)

To Wedding First Look or Not...

You may have heard of a rising “First Look” wedding day trend...  but what is a First Look?  And why would you want one?  Traditionally the couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day at the start of the ceremony, but if you opt for a sneak peek earlier in the day this is known as a First Look which gives you a chance to take some of the pressure off of the actual ceremony.  There are some other awesome perks that go along with breaking this ritual including:

  1. An intimate moment together that takes some pressure off the walk down the aisle (without tons of wedding guests staring straight at you while your emotions are running highest).
  2. An opportunity to spend some private time together.  You and your fiance will actually be apart for most of the day (you’ll be spending more time with me than your fiance even, good thing you like me lots!) so this could be one of your very few opportunities to spend some quality time together away from friends and family.
  3. Better reaction photos.
  4. Extra time for photos of the two of you together.
  5. You’ll arrive to your reception earlier because many of your formal photos will be taken care of in advance.
  6. If you cry, there will be plenty of time to touch up your makeup before the ceremony begins.
  7. This gives you a chance to incorporate an additional location into your wedding photos other than your ceremony and reception venue.

Fun Fact: The original tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony came from back in the times of arranged marriages as a preventative measure to keep either the bride or groom running away/backing out.  Odds are in this day that you have already seen your fiance’s face and even if there is a hair or makeup mishap, you still will not run away after seeing them on the wedding day.

Reasons to skip the First Look:

  1. You and your fiance are traditional and are not feeling it.
  2. This is something that your your grandma might frown upon and you don’t want to make her sad.
  3. It actually is an arranged marriage.

Just so you know…  If you hire me as your wedding photographer, I will work with you to create a timeline for your wedding day – with or without the “First Look”.  That’s one less thing for you to worry about and I’ll make sure we have the day timed out to allow plenty of time for amazing photos so you’ll have time to breathe, relax, and enjoy yourself.  Let me know if you have any questions!