Anthony + Brittany's Cherry Orchard Elopement

An Early Spring Cherry Orchard Elopement

One afternoon in late March, there was a wedding on the side of a mountain near the Virginia and North Carolina state line. It was short, it was sweet, and I cried a few little tears behind my large sunglasses as I watched this delightful couple exchange wedding vows.

I met Brittany and Anthony around 2 years ago. They are so sweet, laid back, unique, and perfect for each other. Brittany is a dear friend of mine; I find her carefree creative spirit so inspiring! I was thrilled when she asked me photograph their wedding ceremony. I was honored to be one of the handful of individuals who were present. My heart skipped a beat when I heard that their destination elopement would take place at a cherry orchard in early spring. While the Farmer's Almanac prediction for the cherry blossoms was wrong and the trees were still bare, it was a warm day with clear skies. It was a perfect day for eloping in Virginia.

I have an extra special treat for you also... Brittany and Anthony's Love Story that the couple put together just for this blog post:

Love Story
When I was little, my friend told me that her little brother thought that love is wanting to pick blueberries together forever. I thought that love was when you could bear the thought of eating someone else’s boogers, and my mom told me it was when you could pick up someone else’s dirty socks to put them in the laundry. On a scale of vibrantly beautiful to crudely realistic; these little theoretical instances hold great merit in the topic of love.

Anthony and I had only been spending time together for a few months before I decided that our relationship was my fully realized dream of love. So we broke up. My rationale was that our honeymoon phase would eventually end and we would morph into something that would flaw my perception of him and us. I imagined myself putting our experiences together in a box that I could keep forever as the box of the most beautiful memories.

Later that semester I heard Anthony sing about pee and freedom in a musical and something stirred. I didn't ever want to have a life without that voice in it. So I went home and stared at a picture he drew for me in MS Paint (for anyone who still uses Paint, you know how childishly charming finished pieces are) and drank Long Trails and probably cried and wished we were picking blueberries together.

Which, a few months later, we found ourselves doing.

The struggles and trying times that we went through in the first few years were not unlike other couples around us. Love is a complex web of so many wild emotions, tamed only with time spent together. The sad times were catalysts for deep connections with music and secret spots around town where we had spent time together. If we didn't endure those times I would not have the same moving, physiological reaction when I hear the song “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead.”

And oh the good times! That metaphorical box filled with the excitement of new love and passion was never put away. I feel it every day when we’re working in the yard, walking our pups, making dinner together, picking blueberries together, and I can’t help but laugh inside every time I pick up his socks to do laundry.

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Alternative Wedding and Elopement Photographer: Holly Cromer
Elopement Destination: Levering Orchard