Blacksburg Family Portrait Photographer

After taking a pretty long break from photographing families, I had so much fun jumping right back into them headfirst with this family [if you can’t tell by the super fun running and cartwheel GIFs].  Sara and Tung met when they both lived in Ambler Johnson dormitory at Virginia Tech and he proposed to her when she was living in Harper Hall so we had to make sure we included those locations for their 15th anniversary/family photo session.  Lane Stadium is one of the most popular photo location requests that I get from alumni, but unfortunately it isn’t always open so we made due with the practice field next door!  Did I mention how super crafty Sara is?  She made most of what the girls wore for photos, I need her to come back to Blacksburg and teach me how to use the sewing machine I bought 2 years ago and never took out of the box!