Blacksburg Newborn Photographer | Newborn Baby C, Part 2

Newborn session take 2… this time with mama and daddy and a little cameo from my son, Auden, who is still very curious about his new little cousin that is getting a lot of attention even though he isn’t doing all that much yet.  Both of their newborn sessions [and maternity session too actually!] took place at their home.  Such a sweet idea because you can look back through the photos and relive your memories and remember where you lived at the time and where your baby was raised. 

If you’re wondering why little baby C got to have two newborn sessions [check out his first newborn session with ivy, daisies, and roses here], it is because he is basically my nephew and I love sweet little tiny babies and love taking their pictures, not because he’s naughty.  If you were my friend, neighbor, etc. and had a tiny little baby, I would probably be at your house all the time for snuggles and multiple baby photo sessions too.  Oh yeah and I’d probably come over while you are still pregnant for a maternity session with a milk bath filled with rose petals like I did with baby C’s mama.