Blacksburg Pet Photographer | Aphrodite Del Rey

This is my sweet little puppy face Aphrodite, or as we call her Ditee.  Not truly a puppy at all anymore, she’s actually about to turn 7 in human years.  My big scary pit-bull (we’re pretty sure she also has a bit of hound and beagle mixed in).  She’s a bit camera-shy so over the years I haven’t been able to take many photos of her.  For months (actually probably more like years) I wanted to make her a doggy flower crown and/or a flower collar so I finally gave it a shot.  I assembled pink peonies and ferns into a collar.  She tried to ditch her new accessory and escape a few times, but I managed to get her calmed down enough to take some beautiful photos of my favorite fur baby.  I’m pretty sure everyone needs some flower-filled glamour shots of their furry friends, if you agree and want to try one of these pet sessions, make sure you hit me up using the “Hire Me” button.

P.S. Aphrodite Del Rey… Like Lana Del Rey, get it :)