Blacksburg Boudoir Photography

I love photographing boudoir and I am so grateful that Blair gave me the chance to photograph her and let me share the images. Boudoir photography is emotional, you must overcome any insecurities that you might have about yourself and allow yourself to be in a vulnerable state all while trying not to overthink how to “look sexy”. The way it really goes down is I make you listen to inappropriate music from the 90’s while I make an ass out of myself trying to tell you jokes. Boudoir is like a scary water slide, it looks terrifying from the bottom, even more so once you get to the top, and then you do it and feel totally invigorated and like such a badass because it was actually fun, and you overcame your reservations.

I had big dreams and ideas for this year and wanted to put a lot more focus into boudoir photography. Unfortunately, much of this year was filled with personal issues that did not allow me to follow through with some of the really amazing ideas that I had for specially styled boudoir photo sessions… They’re still in the works for 2019, but I’m afraid the afternoons of radiant sunshine are behind us for this year.

I am very excited to say that I have made some headway for planning an indoor boudoir marathon day later this year for those of you hoping to gift a beautiful boudoir album to your partner for Christmas. Save the date for Sunday, November 18 and enter your email address using the form below so you will be the first notified when registration opens soon!