Book Review: "Awkwafina's NYC" by Nora Lum

Awkwafina’s NYC guide book is a surprising mix of hilarious and informative, almost like finding out the class clown is also the valedictorian.  I decided to check out this book because I’ve been dying to visit NYC since I was in elementary school.  Somehow I have still not made the trip, but I’m sure that day is coming soon and I wanted to start planning on what the best places to visit are.  Some of my favorite parts of the book were:

  • Five Best Spots for People-Watching
  • Urban Canning [Spoiler: NYC canning has nothing to do with the canning your grandma does]
  • The Five Faces of New York
  • A Brief Guide to the Homeless
  • The Odd Characters you Might Find at Union Square
  • The Double Dog Dares and Inappropriate Photography on the Upper West Side Tour: A Live –Action Game of Cojones

This book is definitely amusing and definitely off the beaten path, I almost feel like she created a new genre of travel guides.  I have to say if I was traveling to New York City for the first time and would only be there for a few days, I probably wouldn’t visit that many places she mentions in the book – one of the exception being the Rite Aid with a disco ball that used to be a skating rink.  A lot of the recommendations are restaurants and markets and if it is your first trip to NYC you are more likely to want to check out the popular landmarks that you won’t find in this book.  I am totally down for the photo challenge however because I love to take pictures and make a complete ass out of myself when I am out being a tourist and I would love to visit a lot of the locations involved in this particular section of the book.  This book is really more aimed toward those who are spending more than a week or two in NYC, but it was still a very good read.  It is laugh out loud funny and downright inappropriate which is right up my alley and it gave me some ideas on places I might want to visit (and I learned that there is an internet meme I’d never heard of called “Steve Buscemi Eyes” which is amazing).

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.