Book Review: Daily Painting by Carol Marine

Long before I knew that I could use my camera for taking photos of anything other than puppies, sunsets, and my friends, I used to love 2D art – drawing, painting, and collage. Even though I told myself on a daily basis that I want to start painting again, I never did so I was excited to pick up Daily Painting by Carol Marine to try to help me focus on painting and maybe teach me a few new things since I haven’t taken an actual 2D art class since middle school.

I LOVED this book.  The main idea of the book is to create small scale art on a daily basis to help develop your artistic abilities and your creativity.  The book mainly focused on painting with oil paints, something I haven't tried yet because it seems intimidating to me, but the way that Marine breaks it down makes oil painting seem doable.  In addition to being motivational and inspiring, this book also provides really valuable lessons about value, mixing paint colors, and composition - lessons that I can even transfer over into my photography.  She touches on promoting your art work and how to sell online.  This book covers a lot of ground, I feel like I learned more from reading it and working through the exercises than I did from all of the art classes I took in college.

If you've been wanting to try painting or are already a painter and want to push yourself to putting out work on a more regular basis, I highly recommend this book.

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I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.