Book Review: “Just Add Watercolor” by Helen Birch

I picked up Just Add Watercolor: Inspiration and Painting Techniques from Contemporary Artists in hopes of learning some new painting tricks, added bonus – I already had watercolors, brushes, and paper on hand so I was ready to roll as soon as the book arrived.  The layout of the entire book is a photo on the right side of the page of the spread with a description of the technique used and some tips on the left side.  The descriptions don’t go into extreme detail and I was hoping that the information might be in another part of the book (it wasn’t), but I’ve found that it at least gave me the correct name for the process so I could go do a little extra digging on my own.  I would love to see beginner level photography books laid out in this same fashion where you can easily find out what the name is for the effect you want to achieve, it would have been very helpful to me when I picked up my first SLR forever and a year ago. 

This book is VERY image heavy which I love.  Even if you end up reading through it and not wanting to try out the techniques for yourself, you can tear out your favorite images and frame them…  No, I don’t usually rip up books, but the images are full bleed to the edge of the 5x7 inch pages which makes it very, very tempting and I can’t promise that one day I will not rip a gorgeous watercolor or two out, frame it, and hang it up on my wall.  This book is a great resource for watercolor beginners and visual learners, I’d give it 5 stars despite the fact that I thought a few things could have been covered a little bit more in depth.  I’d also like to include that it was so good and such an easy read that I devoured the entire book in one day which is VERY rare for me.

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I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.