Book Review: “The Creativity Challenge: Design, Experiment, Test, Innovate, Build, Create, Inspire, and Unleash Your Genius” by Tanner Christensen

I was so excited to check out The Creativity Challenge: Design, Experiment, Test, Innovate, Build, Create, Inspire, and Unleash Your Genius by Tanner Christensen after I flipped through a few pages of it on Amazon.  Every creative person has times where you feel completely blocked and uninspired – it is a terrible place to be and often a hard place to escape from.  This book features a couple hundred pages filled with exercises to help you get your juices flowing again.  I really enjoyed the activities in this book that I have tried out - most don't take up too much of your time and if you really enjoy them you can repeat them.

There are 5 different categories that the exercises are filed under:

  1. Convergent – working on connecting the dots or solving a puzzle
  2. Divergent – deconstructing processes and ideas
  3. Lateral – following steps
  4. Aesthetic – visual responses
  5. Emergent – ideas arising naturally/seeming to appear out of nowhere

The challenges rotate through that order and are marked with a symbol so if you know that you are particularly interested in working on a certain type of exercise you can locate it easily.  Challenges can be performed in the order that they appear in the book, at random, or however floats your boat.  To mention specific exercises from the book would be giving away the content someone else worked hard on so I won’t go into specifics about what my favorites are – some require you to write, some require you to perform physical tasks, all of them require you to give your brain a little workout.  With over 100 activities to choose from if one does not inspire you, you can easily move on to the next.  In addition to being a great resource to inspire creative people, there are some great activities in this book that you can work on with your children which wins it extra bonus points with me.

Christensen is really great at providing inspiration for creative folks, you’d probably also enjoy following him on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.