Brandon + Jaki's Virginia Tech Proposal

Brandon texted me updates throughout Jaki’s Virginia Tech graduation ceremony letting me know what time he thought he could whisk her away to the Pylons and I texted him back the constantly changing weather forecast.  I hid underneath Torgersen Bridge through a downpour then tried to play it off as casual as I hung out snapping photos with my giant zoom lens as Brandon and Jaki strolled up to meet up with her family.  Brandon dropped down on one knee and proposed to Jaki and she said yes!

We had originally planned on taking a few more photos around campus, but since commencement had ran over and they had a dinner reservation.  I emailed them that night and asked if they were willing to come back out the next morning for more photos and I’m so happy that they said yes because after a quick rain shower we were the only ones wandering around campus!  They even reenacted the proposal and got a couple of photos with Jaki’s sweet pup in them.

The only thing more exciting than graduating with your master’s degree?  Getting your master’s degree and a surprise proposal on the very same day!