Where to Have Your Photos Printed | Advice from Your Friendly Photographer

Where to Have Your Photos Printed | Advice from Your Friendly Photographer

Please, Please, Please Tell Me You Print Your Photos...  If you are guilty of letting them sit on your hard drive and never hanging them on the walls of your home, I am hoping to motivate you into having some of your favorites printed so they can be enjoyed by you and your family.  Check out this piece from Design Aglow about How Family Portraits Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem.  Below are some of my favorite places to have my photos printed (in addition to ProDPI which is my go-to professional lab).

Photo Books, Albums, and Ready to Hang Photo Art
Artifact Uprising offers a pretty wide selection of unique ways to print your photographs.  Best of all, most of their products are ready to be displayed immediately in your home, no need to order frames.  Their acrylic float frames are my newest obsession, you can have your photo printed on a wooden box, and their photo books have a custom dust jacket and remind me of being in a library.  Artifact Uprising uses recycled materials and reclaimed wood to create their environmentally friendly products.  Their designs are a beautiful and minimalistic way to display your photos throughout your home.

Holiday Cards and Wedding Invitations
If you want to have highly personalized holiday cards or wedding invitations, my go-to is Minted.  Their selection of card designs is unbelievable.  The designs are submitted by independent artists and curated through competitions.  They have a lot of different card options with a gorgeous gold foil, if you like shiny things as much as me.

Traditional Photo Prints
When it comes to regular photo prints that I want to order a larger quantity of, I always order from AdoramaPix.  I have been a customer of theirs for years.  The print quality is wonderful, the customer service is superior, prints are affordable, and shipping is free on orders over $49.  I order my prints on their matte paper with a white boarder because something about that little white border makes it feel extra special.

Business Cards
Moo Cards are my favorite, you can have a different photo on every single card if you want. Moo cards are a creative entrepreneur/photographer's dream because you are carrying around a mini printed portfolio with you wherever you go.  You can share your best work any time your business comes up in conversation, which will be a long conversation because they'll be wowed by your business cards.  Added perk: if someone takes a card with an image they personally selected, it is a lot less likely to be thrown in the trash.

Take Some Action

  1. I'm always looking for new fun ways to have photos printed and displayed, if you have any hidden gems, please share them in the comments below.
  2. Share with one of your friends who never prints their photos.
  3. Go order some beautiful prints of your photos for your home!

Jenna's Hahn Horticulture Garden at Virginia Tech Bridal Portraits

I've been trying to think back and figure out how I met Jenna because it feels like I've known this amazing lady for my entire life.  She thinks it was from where she did hair and makeup for a boudoir shoot that I did so we'll go with that!  Jenna uses her talents to make other women look beautiful on a daily basis at Tivon Salon in Blacksburg so I was excited when she got engaged and got to be the fairy princess in her own bridal portraits.

Check out her Big Spring Farm engagement photos and her wedding will be posted soon!

Kaitlin's Bridal Portraits at Virginia Tech's Hahn Horticulture Garden

I met Kaitlin back in January at a bridal expo in Roanoke.  She wanted a flower filled garden backdrop for her bridal portraits so we decided to go with the Hahn Horticulture Garden at Virginia Tech.  Radford Florists created a small bouquet of white roses for her bridal portrait session that is similar to the bouquet she carried on her wedding day a few weeks ago.

Kindell's Owl Hollow Farm Bridal Portraits

Equestrian Inspired Bridal Portraits at a Horse Farm in Floyd, Virginia

I met up with Kindell and her mother at Mabry Mill in Meadows of Dan on a foggy summer afternoon for her bridal portrait session.  Afterwards we moved further along the parkway to Owl Hollow Farm in Floyd.  Both Kindell and her mother spent a lot of quality time at this horse farm when they were younger and still visit often to spend time with the horses and their close friends that own the farm which was also the venue for Kindell and Patric’s wedding a few weeks ago.  Her gorgeous dress is by Watters & Watters purchased at L.A. Bridal in Melbourne, Florida.  Mary Jo of Gloriosa in Roanoke created the bouquet which is inspired by the one she made for Kindell and Patric’s wedding day.

Angie’s Virginia Tech Bridal Portraits

Virginia Tech Bridal Portraits

I met the lovely Miss Angie at a bridal expo last year at the Inn at Virginia Tech which happened to be her future wedding venue and one of the locations we visited to take her bridal portraits this summer. Angie and her mom are the sweetest, we had a really great time during her photo session. We started out at the Hahn Horticulture Garden, moved along to the Inn at Virginia Tech, and even in the Holtzman Alumni Center.