Molly | Virginia Tech Senior Portraits with Horses

Graduation Photos with Horses

I love horses, like a lot, a whole lot.  I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to horses [Exhibit A: A Horse is a Horse].  I haven’t ridden a horse since I was a little girl at 4H camp so naturally I was completely ecstatic when Molly contacted me about Virginia Tech graduation photos and told me she would like to have them taken at the stables!  Molly is a professional horseback riding instructor, the barn location that we use is not only where she works, but where her favorite horses live as well! Naturally I started looking around for other awesome senior portraits with horses to hype myself even more for her photo session.  Working with Molly was wonderful, she was delightful and so were her equine friends! I’m smitten with the photos we took in the trees, they look like they came straight woodland forest fairy tale.

Lola the Sweet Little Beagle Baby | Blacksburg Pet Portrait Photographer

This is Lola and you are probably already too overwhelmed with cuteness to remember how to read, but I will proceed.  This super precious little beagle baby brought her equally gorgeous mama Alli out to Blacksburg for some puppy pet photography.  Normally I don’t bring my son along for photo sessions, but if he saw me editing the photos of this adorable pupper, he would have never forgiven me for not getting a chance to snuggle and wrestle her for sticks.  Sorry for the photo overload, but I am obsessed with sweet baby little puppies and their sweet little tummies and even their puppy breath.  I’ve been toying with the idea of going down to Johnson City, Tennessee soon to visit these two and show how much Lola has grown!

Anna + Nathan's Hahn Horticulture Garden Anniversary Photos | Blacksburg Wedding Photographer

I love making photos at Hahn Horticulture Garden at Virginia Tech.  When Anna mentioned that she likes the feel of English country garden, I knew it would be the perfect location for anniversary photos.  Anna and Nathan brought along their two fur babies to join in the fun – Eliot who is a dachshund and terrier mix and their new pup Wren who is a hound mix.  This was actually a two day event…  We risked it on the first day even though the clouds were looming and sure enough a downpour hit within the first 5 minutes we were there.  The second take, we were much luckier with the weather and were able to take tons of beautiful, non-soggy shots!

Natalee | Virginia Tech Senior Portrait and Graduation Photographer

I met Natalee a few years ago through mutual friends on social media.  If she looks familiar, you may have seen her giving her family a heart attack when I had her model wedding gowns for faux bridal portraits a few years ago [one of those photos are printed on my business cards still to this very day]!  We got together for some Virginia Tech graduation photos last fall when she was wrapping up her work on her bachelor’s degree.  Natalee and her beautiful yellow lab, Mia took a grand tour of Virginia Tech’s campus with me hitting all kinds of hot spots from Hahn Horticulture Garden, the Duck Pond, the Pylons, to Burruss Hall.  We wrapped it up by enjoying a couple of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes from Starbucks on top of the Kent Square parking garage, Mia loves that PSL almost as much as me!