Janet + Jonathan's Virginia Tech Graduation Portraits

Blacksburg, Virginia Senior Portrait Photographer

I love photographing couples and senior portraits, but I rarely get to do both at the same time!  I had a great time taking fall graduation photos around the campus of Virginia Tech with this fun husband and wife duo.  Janet and Jonathan popped a couple of bottles of champagne on the steps of Burruss Hall to celebrate and I LOVE the way they came out!

Obviously Virginia Tech has an incredibly beautiful campus, but the more time I spend walking around, the more I grow to appreciate little details and locations that are frequently overlooked for the popular landmarks.  I mean check out the amazing retro pattern on the front of Cassell Coliseum and the arches on the side.  These are some of my favorite graphic elements on the entire campus even though the wide view of this building is underwhelming, up close, Iā€™m smitten.