Kaylee + Josh's Mountain Lake Engagement Session

Kaylee and Josh have known each other since they were little.  Both of their dad's were firefighters, their brothers were in kindergarten together, and his mom even babysat her when she was little!  Kaylee sent Josh a Facebook message back in 2012, they went on their first date to the rodeo, and the rest is history!  Josh proposed on December 26, 2014 at Mount Lake at an overlook where they liked to hike to on a regular basis.  She was very sick that day and was less than enthusiastic about having to hike that day, but needless to say it was well worth it!  Josh's brother was taking a picture of the two of them, then Josh asked if he was ready, got down on one knee and proposed.

They chose Mountain Lake as their engagement session location since it was the location of their actual engagement (though we didn't end up going out to the overlook).  Their dogs June the poodle and Kalylah the cocker spaniel. 

Poor deprived Kaylee told us that she had never seen Dirty Dancing before, I couldn't believe it - it is one of my all time favorite movies, best sound track ever, and it was filmed practically in our back yard.  I hope she immediately went home and put it in her Netflix queue [actually, note to self - send her a Dirty Dancing DVD with her prints].