Madison | Giles High School Senior Portrait Photographer

I am so in love with how Madison’s beautiful fall senior portraits turned out!  Madison was a senior at Giles High School when we took these photos last year and I am kind of embarrassed that I am now a full on year behind on blogging.  She and her mother took me to places in Giles that I had never been to before, stunning hidden treasures that I will never, ever reveal to you no matter how much you try to bribe me.  When we drove by this field of incredible tall grass, I knew we just HAD to come back and revisit that location.  The property owners were kind and welcomed us over to play in their yard.  We wrapped up at Cascades Falls where, despite Madison and her mother’s warning me to watch my step, I slipped down into the water up to my neck [I kept the camera above water, don’t worry, I have my priorities straight].  We had carpooled in their vehicle so I am extra thankful that they didn’t leave my swampy bottom behind when we were done.