Molly | Virginia Tech Senior Portraits with Horses

Graduation Photos with Horses

I love horses, like a lot, a whole lot.  I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to horses [Exhibit A: A Horse is a Horse].  I haven’t ridden a horse since I was a little girl at 4H camp so naturally I was completely ecstatic when Molly contacted me about Virginia Tech graduation photos and told me she would like to have them taken at the stables!  Molly is a professional horseback riding instructor, the barn location that we use is not only where she works, but where her favorite horses live as well! Naturally I started looking around for other awesome senior portraits with horses to hype myself even more for her photo session.  Working with Molly was wonderful, she was delightful and so were her equine friends! I’m smitten with the photos we took in the trees, they look like they came straight woodland forest fairy tale.