"Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers" Review

I decided to check out Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers by Jo Firestone and Fred Firestone because 1. I love puns/ridiculous dad jokes, and 2. I saw a little note that said “This punderful game will replace Cards Against Humanity at your next party." [Mashable.com].  Who doesn’t love Cards Against Humanity, that is a huge claim to live up to!

The Verdict: Stick to Cards Against Humanity.  I’m a strong believer of not pulling out card games like this unless there is alcohol involved and Punderdome is difficult enough that (unless you are a comedian or a dad joke expert) you will need to play sober.  That noted, I’m still not good at this game.  I’m not clever enough or good enough at puns to play it correctly and get the same level of amusement that I get from Cards Against Humanity which entertains me to no end because I love jokes to be as raunchy and low-brow as possible.  If you are more intelligent than me and kick ass at puns, you’d probably enjoy this game a lot more than I did.  I’ll probably play it again, but I wouldn’t ever bring this along with me to a party.

I received this game from Blogging for Books for this review.