Rest in Pieces | Richmond, Virginia

Did you happen to catch my Walking with a Ghost photos in my last blog post? I made a quick and spooky trip to Richmond, Virginia with my dear friend Brittany over the summer. I have been following Rest in Pieces on Instagram for ages, so I was very excited for a chance to visit the store in person. Rest in Pieces is a one-stop shop for weird folks like me. Tons of oddities and curiosities. I loved browsing through the bones, medical antiques, and specimens in the shop and of course, I had to take a million photos because I could never afford to purchase everything that I loved [the entire store] or have a place to put any of it. Even the store itself was stunning with their black fa├žade with a grim reaper painted on it, their interior had high ceilings matte black walls, crown molding, and tin ceilings. If you are ever in the Oregon Hill neighborhood, make sure you visit Rest in Pieces and Hollywood Cemetery! The only spooky spot we had planned to visit but ran out of time was the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, but at least I will have an excuse to return to Richmond soon.