Blacksburg Newborn Baby Photographer | Baby Ryan

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes itty bity baby Ryan in the baby carriage. Or more like the Christmas sleigh this time. Baby Ryan is named after his late uncle [you might have caught him wrapped in his uncle’s blue sweater next to a framed photo of big Uncle Ryan].

One of the big perks of a Christmastime newborn [in addition to getting to snuggle the most when it is cold outside] is that you get to get into the holiday spirit with matching jammies for the family and smooshing that sweet little baby inside of a Santa hat in front of the fireplace. It is adorable and he will hate us all for it one day when they are played in a slideshow at his wedding.

I adore Mallary and Steven and their sweet fur baby Roxy. I loved taking engagement, wedding, and maternity photos for them and now newborn photos too! It has been a huge honor watching the milestones of their relationship. Once Mallary finds her full-time position, they will likely be moving far away, but I will gladly hop on a train or a plane or even a spaceship to see this amazing family again.

Cora | Richmond Baby Photography

Do you remember Brett + Emily who were married at Boxtree Lodge a few years ago?  Fun fact 1: their wedding was published in the print and online editions of The Knot. Fun fact 2: they now have a sweet little 8 week old baby girl named Cora!  I was so excited to make the trip to Richmond over the weekend to meet her, take some sweet baby photos, and catch up with Emily.