Creative Live Course Review: Inside The Glamour Studio with Sue Bryce

Alternative Model Alexa Poletti, Photographed by Blacksburg, Virginia Portrait Photographer, Holly Cromer
Alternative Model Alexa Poletti, Photographed by Blacksburg, Virginia Portrait Photographer, Holly Cromer

Creative Live Course Review: Inside The Glamour Studio with Sue Bryce… Furthering your Portrait Photography Business Exponentially Through Streaming Online Workshops

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The best thing to invest in as an entrepreneur is education.  I am eternally grateful that I found Creative Live years ago, without the lessons that I learned through the courses on their website, I would not be the photographer that I am today.  When I started my business, I had NO idea what I was doing – my communication skills were garbage, I had no idea how to pose people, I did not know what to put in my contracts, and where the hell was I supposed to find clients?  I reached out to local photographers, but was unable to find someone to take me under their wing.  Thankfully after a couple years of trying to navigate the photography business waters blindfolded, I found Creative Live and started streaming their live courses every chance I could sneakily watch them at my day job.  I loved some of the courses so much that I purchased them so I could stream them on demand as a refresher.  In a series of blog posts, I’m going to tell you about these courses because they might be extremely helpful to you as well!

Inside The Glamour Studio with Sue Bryce was both how I found Creative Live and the first course that I purchased through the site.  This was the crash course in posing women that I never knew that I needed, Sue will blow your mind busting out 100 poses in an hour – this helped me go from providing final galleries to clients that had 30ish images with extremely similar poses (not necessarily flattering either), to delivering exponentially more images that were actually flattering and more unique images. 

The business and marketing portion of Inside The Glamour Studio blew my mind.  At that point, I was pretty sure that the only “marketing” I needed to do was to post one or two pictures on Facebook from each session.  My strategy was not bringing in any business, obviously, because it wasn’t really marketing at all.  I just threw it out there and walked away.  Sue helped determine what the best forms of advertising could be for my business and helped me build up my confidence enough to approach strangers that I would like to photograph – this is an extra huge feat for me because I have severe anxiety.  A portion of this course covers video fusion using Animoto to turn your still images and video clips into a gorgeous video without needing any video editing experience – this is an even better way to market your business now than it was when I purchased the course so I’m planning on revisiting this portion of the course and hopefully implementing it. 

There’s truly so much course content that it has to be revisited over and over to get the most out of it.  If I haven’t had a photo session in a few days and I’m just not feeling confident before a one on one shoot for some reason, I watch one of the videos from this course.  It helps me remember how important it is to bringing your A-game, be communicating with the client throughout the entire shoot, and a quick reminder of flattering poses to try.  I bought this course in 2012 and still reference it.  Loads of information and a lot of videos where you get to watch her work which was what I found the most helpful from the very beginning.  I paid shortly over $100 for Inside The Glamour Studio and it paid for itself after just a couple of photo sessions.  One of the best investments that I have made in my business and myself. 

Did I mention that Sue is from New Zealand so you get to enjoy that yummy accent throughout the whole thing?  Or that all of the images that are contained in this blog post were photographed using the information that I learned from her?

Creative Live offers a whole slew of amazing courses for creative entrepreneurs from photography and video, to art and music, selling on Etsy, as well as money and life planning.  I’m a very visual person so I never got into podcasts, Creative Live is like my version of podcasts with the bonus of visuals to help keep my attention.  You should absolutely check them out, I’ve been in love for years and I will for sure be sticking with them as long as they are around.  Check them out ASAP!

Alternative Model Rachel Dashae, Photographed by Blacksburg, Virginia Portrait Photographer, Holly Cromer