Film Swap

Recently I did a film swap with my good friend Karly…  We actually were trying to do two film swap rolls around the same time, but we were not very pleased with the way this roll turned out so we might hold off on roll number two.  Karly went first, shooting the roll of film through her Minolta X700 photographing flowers.  I intended to shoot the roll through my Canon Elan IIe, but it could tell that the roll had already been exposed so I was forced to use my Holga 135 instead.

Little did I know that my Holga had been knocked into bulb mode leaving the shutter open too long and most of the photos that I took were completely indistinguishable.  When I first saw these photos a few weeks ago I honestly hated them all, but now I’m starting to warm up to them so I decided to finally post them to the blog.  Adding a layer of pretty spring flowers to even the biggest hot mess can make it look kind of cute and quirky.

Check out Karly’s blog post for a couple more photos I did not include.