5 Tips to Help You Have Amazing Family Formal Wedding Photos

Wedding Photography Advice: Tips to Have Good Family Formal Photos

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Have you been to one of those weddings where the bride and groom disappear for nearly two hours after the ceremony for photos?  They completely miss out on their cocktail hour and then there is this awkward bit of time where their friends from college are trying to make small talk with a weird uncle…  Yeah it isn’t ideal and couples tell me all the time that their main wedding photography concern is this gap of time.  Here are some tips to help you make the family formal photo part of your big day as quick and painless as possible without leaving anyone out.

  1. Provide your photographer with a list of groupings that you would like along with the name of each family member in the shot (yelling “Hey, hey you, blue dress! Come back!” isn’t as effective as knowing actual names).
  2. Check with all of the parents to make sure you’ve got all the groupings correct to ensure that family formals being added on last minute on the day of the wedding don’t take up so much time that you won’t have time for bride and groom photos.
  3. Print everyone who will be included in the post-ceremony formal photos a list of the groupings in order so they’ll know when they are finished and can return to the reception.  Bonus points if this printout also requests that guests not try to take the same photos as the photographer - it makes the process take 2 to 3 times longer than it normally would plus you’ll get ALL of your photos after the wedding to share with your friends and family so they can just go relax.
  4. When putting together your timeline, make sure you allow 4 to 5 minutes per formal grouping that you have on your list.
  5. Don’t stop between photos for hugs and chatting, you will be reunited at the reception where you will have plenty of time to celebrate… the faster we can get you through your family formals, the sooner we can get you back to your friends and family for the party!

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Wedding Photography Advice: Tips to Have Good Family Formal Photos