Madison | Giles High School Senior Portrait Photographer

I am so in love with how Madison’s beautiful fall senior portraits turned out!  Madison was a senior at Giles High School when we took these photos last year and I am kind of embarrassed that I am now a full on year behind on blogging.  She and her mother took me to places in Giles that I had never been to before, stunning hidden treasures that I will never, ever reveal to you no matter how much you try to bribe me.  When we drove by this field of incredible tall grass, I knew we just HAD to come back and revisit that location.  The property owners were kind and welcomed us over to play in their yard.  We wrapped up at Cascades Falls where, despite Madison and her mother’s warning me to watch my step, I slipped down into the water up to my neck [I kept the camera above water, don’t worry, I have my priorities straight].  We had carpooled in their vehicle so I am extra thankful that they didn’t leave my swampy bottom behind when we were done.

Janet + Jonathan's Virginia Tech Graduation Portraits

Blacksburg, Virginia Senior Portrait Photographer

I love photographing couples and senior portraits, but I rarely get to do both at the same time!  I had a great time taking fall graduation photos around the campus of Virginia Tech with this fun husband and wife duo.  Janet and Jonathan popped a couple of bottles of champagne on the steps of Burruss Hall to celebrate and I LOVE the way they came out!

Obviously Virginia Tech has an incredibly beautiful campus, but the more time I spend walking around, the more I grow to appreciate little details and locations that are frequently overlooked for the popular landmarks.  I mean check out the amazing retro pattern on the front of Cassell Coliseum and the arches on the side.  These are some of my favorite graphic elements on the entire campus even though the wide view of this building is underwhelming, up close, I’m smitten.

Jesse | Christiansburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Christiansburg High School Senior Portraits

Jesse is a softball superstar and a member of Christiansburg High School’s graduating class of 2017.  She opted for a fall senior portrait session because she loves the foliage that autumn brings.  These photos were taken at Cascades in Giles County and Pandapas Pond, two places that Jesse and her family love to spend time together.

Ashley's Virginia Tech Senior Portrait Graduation Photos

Virginia Tech Senior Portrait Photography

I had the pleasure of working with Ashley all throughout her senior year so it was an extra special experience taking her Virginia Tech graduation photos.  She’s a social media guru, a real go-getter, and shares my mutual love and adoration for Chris Pratt.  She was a superstar student in her time with the #4 nationally ranked Hospitality and Tourism Management program where she won numerous scholarships and awards…  I mean check out all of those honors cords.  In addition to being a wonderful student, she’s also a spectacular human being who will brighten up any cloudy day, if she didn’t already land herself a job I would be trying to get you to hire her.  Also she’s good at crafts, check out that Boy Meets World inspired graduation cap.  I wish decorating your graduation cap was a thing back when I graduated, I have more regrets over my plain cap and gown than I do over skipping going to prom in high school!

I’m fully booked up for the rest of 2016 [with the exception of Christmas card mini sessions on December 3] so if you are hoping to have senior portraits taken for the 2016-2017 school year, don’t wait till the last minute, please contact me now to get scheduled.  I was heartbroken to have to turn folks away for fall sessions because I didn’t have any more days left, please go ahead and get on the books now using the “Hire Me” button above.

Blacksburg Senior Portrait Photographer | Megan Class of 2017

Blacksburg High School Senior Portraits

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take some beautiful Blacksburg High School senior portraits for Megan.  Her style is a little bit bohemian with those glorious Free People vibes just like mine!  I love the outfits she chose and could tell we would get along smashingly after she gave me a glimpse at her Pinterest boards…  I am a firm believer that I can tell if we will be best friends forever or if we won’t get along just by browsing your Pinterest profile, does that make me some kind of social media psychic?  Anyways, Megan was just another example that I am indeed a Pinterest psychic...

In addition to being an amazing soccer player, Megan also has a creative streak.  She is a free spirit and has a wonderful sense of style.  It was such a pleasure working with her, especially since she was down for anything including wading through muddy water in her pristine white dress, climbing through spider webs, and almost getting stuck in an epic summer thunderstorm.

I know Fall seems too early to book your senior portrait session, but IT ISN'T!  Seriously, do not wait until the last minute because once spring rolls around I will be all booked up and you won't have your senior portraits back until after graduation which is just lame.  Book your senior portrait session now!