Marketing Advice for Wedding Photographers

I'm Writing a Marketing Book for Wedding Photographers!

I photographed my first wedding about 10 years ago and loved it so much that I knew I had to start my own business. Besides an accounting course I took at the local community college, I had no entrepreneurial experience and very little experience in the wedding industry. Despite reaching out to other photographers in the area, I was unable to find someone to take me under their wing. No one would take me on as a second shooter so I photographed weddings for my friends and put a super lowball special offer out on Craigslist to help build my experience and portfolio. Does this story sound familiar because it is so similar to yours?

With a decade of building my business behind me and thousands of blog posts, magazine articles, books, business and marketing consultations, and workshops eagerly consumed, I have decided it is time for me to write the book that I needed the most – a “go to” guide on how to get all of these excited, newly engaged couples to take a look at your work. I am writing a marketing guide for wedding photographers!

It isn’t about spending months picking out your brand colors and adorable logo. It is about the nitty gritty, hard work that you have to do to set yourself apart from the hundreds of other wedding photographers in your immediate area. So many times, I have been very down on myself for not being busy enough. I will feel like I have been pestering social media followers non-stop when I have actually barely been posting anything at all, let alone anything resembling a call to action or reason to hire me. Just a photo here and there and an occasional blog post link without descriptions. This is when I have a face-palm moment: I am not doing any real marketing. Marketing doesn’t happen on its own, and clients don’t just magically appear out of nowhere. 

A lot of articles that I have seen online from other photographers indicate that referrals make up 100% of new clientele, and I am calling bullshit. Don’t get me wrong; referrals are amazing, but don’t depend on them as your only source of marketing. Even when business is going well, you should continue to put effort into marketing. Potential clients should be seeing your name in a variety of places so that they know you are a legitimate established business and the obvious choice. I am compiling a variety of ways that you can focus your energy and invest in your business. You don’t have to do them all; I don’t do them all. Hopefully you will find ideas that resonate with you and get your mind racing with creative ways to show prospective clients how lucky they would be to have a chance to work with you.

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